Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wanna play some cub covers?

This is an absolute long shot, friends, but I figured I'd throw it out there.

Some years ago, I got together with a coupla guys ... a drummer and keyboard player ... and we'd jam in the basement. And since we were not virtuoso musicians, we ended up playing a lot of cub songs.

I miss that.

So, I'm wondering -- is there anyone in the Halifax area who might be interested in getting together to jam on some cub tunes some time? Drop me a note.

I also enjoy Ween and They Might Be Giants if anyone'd like to give those a whack.

Robynn's book of artwork is out now!

Got a note from Robynn:

hi everyone -

yes, i know i'm dropping in on some of you from waaaay out of the blue.
hope this missive finds you well!

just wanted to let you know that my first book of artwork is finally done.

the details are here...


Wassat? Here you go:

a book of hand-drawn images by Robynn Iwata

35 images drawn freehand in archival ink and pencil
on bristol board, origami and kraft paper.

40 full colour pages.

clothbound hardcover with dustjacket $36.
perfectbound softcover $24.

published may 2010 by mesmer detector, ltd.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Shout-out from the cub crew; more pics at MySpace

Many heartfelt thanks to Lisa G and Robynn for the nice notes, and for the plug at the cub MySpace page. Thanks also to Mint Records for passing word to the band.

Hey, if you haven't taken a good long look at cub's MySpace site, you should! I've always found MySpace to be ugly and awkward, especially since I don't have a MySpace login -- I feel like the sites are telling me to go away. But there's some good stuff in there!

I just heard a cub song I'd never heard before: TJ. I found it on the pop-up player.

Also, if you like show flyers, cub has a whole pile of them posted! I know I had a cub poster or two on my fridge for years in the 1990s. If I ever find them again, I'll scan them and add them, for sure.

Wow, there's a lot of photo material over there, actually! I'd love to snarf it all and put it up here, but that'd feel inappropriate somehow. Instead, I invite you to check it out on MySpace.

Thanks again, and watch for more goodies here as I find them.

And folks, if you have videos, photos, covers, merch pics -- anything -- send me a note and I'll figure out a way to get it up here. And if you can't figure out how to send a note (my email address may be buried somewhere to avoid spambots), just comment on a post and I'll probably get it.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What ever happened to ... original cub drummer Valeria?

Valeria's always been a bit of a mystery, huh? She played on cub's first album, but when she left the band, Neko Case filled in on tour, and of course Lisa G was on the throne 'til the end. So what's the story on Valeria?

Well. "Valeria Fellini" remained an artist and a contributor to Vancouver's artistic scene. Here's one of her pictures, dubbed "The Unwitting Darwinist":

But perhaps most famously, she made candy! Cub fans from the early days probably remember Valeria's handmade chocolates being tossed to the crowd.

Valeria Finnigan ran one of Vancouver's most beloved historic candy shops, Lee's Candies. She dished out mint truffles and some legendary chocolate concoctions produced in rare and historic chocolate molds, until fire destroyed the building in 2007:
Fire wrecks westside landmark
The Province
Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Fire has destroyed a sweet piece of Vancouver's heritage.

The Lee's Candies shop in the 4300-block of West 10th was left a smoldering pile of charred rubble after fire tore through it and two neighbouring businesses in the same building Tuesday night.

It took at least 60 firefighters five hours to knock the flames down. Three firefighters suffered minor injuries, one a suspected broken ankle.

Residents in the building fled. Tenants in a nearby apartment block had to be evacuated because of water damage, while three homes across the lane were flooded by oily water running off the smoking wood-framed building.

By dawn, Lee's, furniture store Form and Function and design shop Residence Interiors were completely destroyed. Battalion Chief Kelly Mullin said the four-alarm fire was a very difficult fight.

"There were false ceiling in the structure that allowed the fire to travel," he said. "It was extremely intense."

"The fire damage and the fire load [available fuel for the flames to consume] in there was tremendous."

Crews attacked the fire from inside then withdrew when the building structure weakened. The roof eventually collapsed.

Lee's owner Valeria Finnigan was too distraught to speak to The Province when she arrived to see the damage for herself. Her friend Karen Chandler said the "quaint" little shop with old candy molds dating back to the 1920s will be sorely missed. It's been producing handmade candies and chocolates from the same tiny location since 1950.

"My mum worked there. My sister worked there," Chandler recalled. "They were the best candies. Now that it's gone, it's really a sad thing. Hopefully, she'll be able to rebuild."

Finnigan herself used to work at Lee's as a candy maker and continued churning out his recipes using antique scales, vintage stoves, mixers and huge copper bowls.

Fire department Capt. Rob Jones-Cook said it's too early to say what caused the fire, though early indications are the blaze was not deliberately set.

More about the fire and Valeria's history at the store in an article in the Van Courier's archives.

What's she up to, three years later? I don't know. We know she rocked the kit in the early days and could do magic with chocolate, but other than that, she remains a mystery to me.

Photo: cub in a bathroom stall, Vancouver, November 1996

cub in a bathroom stall, listed as being from Vancouver BC in November 1996.

Source: http://bandphotos.wordpress.com/2009/06/27/cub/

What ever happened to ... cub drummer Lisa G?

After laying down the beats for some rock and roll history, Lisa G has gone on to an award-winning career in film. She touched a lot of lives with music, but she's touched many more through another art form.

She's been working with the NFB, interacting with young people and telling some fabulous stories. A bio on one site explains:
Lisa G Nielsen is a filmmaker and storyteller who belives everyone has a story to tell. Her short films and animations have screened around the world (and even won a few awards!)

Lisa has worked with the National Film Board as a Technical Director/Mentor Editor for digital storytelling initiatives with kids, seniors, street youth, poet and remote first nation communities.

Lisa is currently working on a trilogy of films about Riverview, a mental institution in Coquitlam, British Columbia.
Way to go! Kudos to Lisa G for breaking through every single stereotype about drummers. Congratulations and all the best for the future.

(Attribution for large photo: Citizen Shift at http://citizenshift.org/camera-workshop : Caption: It is always fun to bring out the toys! Tech Director Lisa shows Briony and Tabia how to use the zoom. This is part of the Playing it Safe workshop about Harm Reduction.)

Photo: Lisa Marr on bass, buck-wise

More Lisa, originally uploaded by tim tolle.

Her bass cannot be contained!

Uploaded by tim tolle on flickr.

Photo: cub and The Vindictives

From the original poster:
we didn't take this picture...rather we found it at the vindictives official site.

the singer of the vindictives is seen pictured with the band members of Cub.

Both bands were very important and influential bands in the 90's pop punk scene (not to mention two of our all time favorites). Do your research and buy some albums. You will thank us.

Lisa Marr went on to form Buck after Cub (get it?) broke up, and we ended up pressing the last ever Buck record. We were so happy. :)
Courtesy of The GC Four at http://www.flickr.com/photos/zargari/316067201/ ... Thank you very much!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Photo: cub in space sticker

Cub 'spaceman' sticker. I think I have this design on a t-shirt, no?

Photo: Box Of Hair promo card

Promo shot from Box Of Hair. I used to have a pile of these cards and would mail them out to anyone who asked. Thanks to Yvette at Mint Records for setting me up way back when!

Photo: cub Kids' Club #14

Scans of Cub Kids Club newsletter #14. Again, this was back when the World Wide Web was brand new, and not many people were online. So, I was tickled pink to see this reference:

Photos: cub at the Starfish Room, Vancouver, April 21, 1995

I scalped these two pictures from the "CBC Realtime" web site in the early days of the Web, back when pictures were sparse and tiny and video just didn't exist. cub performing live at the Starfish Room in Vancouver on April 21, 1995.

Photo: cub in the tub, two takes

Two shots from a photo shoot for Come Out Come Out promo.

Photos: Lisa Marr plugs zine, autographs CD

Years ago, I published a zine called Cygnals which did some articles about cub. The first time I got to meet Lisa Marr, I got her to 'plug' the zine and autograph my CD cover.

Photo: cub girls in their bras

cute girls in bras
The ladies in their undies.

Photo: Pep 7-inch

gold cub, originally uploaded by Mary Carmen6676.

Pep: go fish, what the water gave me, the we met, chico, motel 6 and a party. Mint Records 1992.

Uploaded by Mary Carmen6676 on Flickr.

Photo: Cub in Montreal 9

Cub, originally uploaded by Sockeyed.

Lisa Marr looking fierce on bass.

Taken back in 1993 when they came through Montreal.

Uploaded by Sockeyed on Flickr.

Photo: Cub in Montreal 8

Cub, originally uploaded by Sockeyed.

Taken back in 1993 when they came through Montreal.

Uploaded by Sockeyed on Flickr.

Photo: Cub in Montreal 7

Cub, originally uploaded by Sockeyed.

Taken back in 1993 when they came through Montreal.

Uploaded by Sockeyed on Flickr.

Photo: Cub in Montreal 6

Cub, originally uploaded by Sockeyed.

Robynn rocks out. Taken back in 1993 when they came through Montreal.

Uploaded by Sockeyed on Flickr.

Photo: Cub in Montreal 5

Cub, originally uploaded by Sockeyed.

Lisa G on guitar? It happened! Taken back in 1993 when they came through Montreal.

Uploaded by Sockeyed on Flickr.

Photo: Cub in Montreal 4

Cub, originally uploaded by Sockeyed.

Classic shot of Robynn playing guitar while seated. Taken back in 1993 when they came through Montreal.

Uploaded by Sockeyed on Flickr.

Photo: Cub in Montreal 3

Cub, originally uploaded by Sockeyed.

Taken back in 1993 when they came through Montreal.

Uploaded by Sockeyed on flickr.

Photo: Cub in Montreal 2

Cub, originally uploaded by Sockeyed.

Taken back in 1993 when they came through Montreal.

Uploaded by Sockeyed on Flickr.

Photo: Cub in Montreal 1

Cub, originally uploaded by Sockeyed.
Taken back in 1993 when they came through Montreal.

Uploaded by Sockeyed on Flickr.

Photo: Robynn and Lisa visit California

Above: Canadian indie faves cub pay a visit to the place where it all – okay, well, some of it – began. This was one of their first trips to California, and Smugglers front man (and current CBC radio personality) Grant Lawrence filled in on drums for them. On the left, Robynn Iwata and in the middle, Lisa Marr. I have no idea who took the photo. Perhaps a passing pot farmer?
Source: Larry Livermore's blog at http://larrylivermore.com/?p=1120

Photo: cub blue vinyl closeup

cub double 7", originally uploaded by surlygrrrl [ELBfoto].
cub double 7"

Uploaded by surlygrrrl [ELBfoto] on Flickr.

Photo: cub Come Out Come Out triple-vinyl

i heart cub, originally uploaded by Mary Carmen6676.
"As far as I am concerned Cub is the king and queens of indie bubble gum pop. I love, love, love everything they do. If the music isn't enough, the packaging is also terrific: colored vinyl and comic book like cover art. LOVE IT!!!!!
Come Out Come Out: my flaming red bobsled, isabelle, ticket to spain, geometry, new york city, so far apart, life of crime, tommorow go away, voracious, my chinchilla, i'm your angel, por favor and vacation. Mint Records, 1994."

Uploaded by Mary Carmen6676 on Flickr.

Photo: Hot Dog Day red vinyl

red cub, originally uploaded by Mary Carmen6676.
Hot Dog Day: flying carpet, my chinchilla, electric chair, nicolas bragg, through my hoop and summer samba. Mint Records 1993.

Uploaded by Mary Carmen6676 on Flickr.

Photo: Betti-Cola blue vinyl

blue cub, originally uploaded by Mary Carmen6676.
Betti-Cola seven inch featuring: hello kitty, lucky 7, leapfrog, little star, my assassin, backwoods, pretty pictures, they don't, sweet pea, it's true, someday, and a picnic. Mint Records 1993.

Uploaded by Mary Carmen6676 on Flickr.

Photo: Cub 'Betti-Cola' 7" EP (Mint, 1993)

Cover Art by Dan DeCarlo

From Andy Hart's Flickr Page.

Article snippet: Cub mentioned in book

Here's a brief snippet from the book Malcolm Lowry: From the Mersey to the World
By Bryan Biggs, Helen Tookey.

About the book:
Malcolm Lowry described Liverpool as 'that terrible city whose main street is the oceanż. Born on the Wirral side of the river Mersey, Lowryżs relationship to the Merseyside of his youth informs all of his writing and Liverpool itself continued to hold tremendous significance for him, even though he never returned. Published in conjunction with a festival and exhibition at Liverpoolżs Bluecoat arts centre celebrating Lowryżs centenary, this beautifully produced book showcases a variety of creative and critical approaches to Lowry and his work, and includes twelve specially commissioned pieces of new writing. There is a particular focus on place and on journeys; contributors write from the UK, Europe, Canada and Mexico, and reflect both on Lowryżs 'voyage that never endsż and on their own journeys with and through Lowryżs work. The book also demonstrates the richness of Lowryżs influence on contemporary visual artists and includes full colour illustrations throughout. It will be an indispensable companion for anyone interested in the creative legacy of Malcolm Lowryżs life and work.

Article snippet: Cub mentioned in psychology magazine?

Can't find much about this article:

Title No depression, Issues 49-54
Publisher No Depression, 2004
Original from the University of Virginia

Article: "On The Verge" from Canadian Music Journal, November 1996

Source: CMJ via Google Books

Photo: Nardwuar, Daniel Johnston and cub record

Nardwuar the Human Serviette (r), Daniel Johnston and the cub 7" Betti-Cola. Who is Johnston? Did he write "Tell Me Now"?

Source: http://www.chartattack.com/features/77495/nardwuar-vs-daniel-johnston

Photo: Box of Hair cover

Photo: cub in a tub, autographed to Scott

Source: Me, back in the early days of the Web when I started the Cygnals.com cub homepage.

Photo article: Potatomen play with cub

Source: http://southbendpower90s.blogspot.com/2009_09_01_archive.html, which includes a couple of cub posters.

Photo: cub in the kitchen, 1

Source: Mint Records at http://www.mintrecs.com/index.php?component=news&id=26&page=6&artist=

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mint Records postcard - 1

Mint Records postcard - 1, originally uploaded by BFRE.

From the BFRE collection on Flickr.

Cub - tour diary page 4

Cub - tour diary page 4, originally uploaded by BFRE.

From the BFRE collection on Flickr.

Cub - tour diary page 3

Cub - tour diary page 3, originally uploaded by BFRE.

From the BFRE collection on Flickr.