cub discography

Lifted from cub's myspace page, which, strangely enough, credits me for most of it. I've lost complete track of which additions are mine and which are theirs, so ...

(singles and rarities collection cd, Au Go Go Australia 1997)
(Japanese cd reissue with 4 bonus tracks, Living Dining & Kitchen Records Japan 1997)
Box Of Hair
(cd/lp, Mint/Lookout! Canada/USA 1996)
*Repackaged with bonus embroidered patch designed by Robynn, Mint Records 2007.
Come Out, Come Out
(cd/triple 7", Mint Records Canada 1995)
Cover art by Fiona Smyth. 13 songs on multi-coloured triple-7".
*Remastered and reissued on cd with bonus tracks, Mint Records 2007.
(cd/double 7", Mint Records Canada 1993)
Cover art by Dan De Carlo of Archie Comics fame. Blue vinyl double-7", with two bonus tracks including "Hello Kitty."
*Remastered and reissued on cd with bonus tracks, Mint Records 2007.

"TJ" b/w "She's Like A Rainbow"
(7", SpinART USA 1996)
Features a cover of the Rolling Stones' "She's A Rainbow".
(7", Mint Records Canada 1994)
This was only available by mail-order or at cub shows.
Clear vinyl 7" with "Your Bed" on the A-side and a live version of Beat Happening's "Cast A Shadow" with harmonica accompaniment from a strange audience member on the B side.
Cover art features potato prints by Lisa, Lisa and Robynn. 
hot dog day
(7", Mint Records Canada 1993)
cub's second release!
Six songs on clear red vinyl, cover art featuring necklace charm given to Lisa by her grandma.
Includes "My Chinchilla" and "Nicholas Bragg".
(7", Mint Records Canada 1992) 

cub's first release!

Clear gold vinyl, 6 songs.
Features "Go Fish".
Fer Sher: A Tribute to the Valley Girl Soundtrack 
(CD compilation, Itchy Korean USA 1998) 

A cover of The Payolas' "Eyes of a Stranger" 

Not Exactly Happy: A Tribute to the Smiths
(CD compilation, Honey Bear Records USA 1998) 

A cover of The Smiths' "Reel Around the Fountain" 

More Bounce to the Ounce (Double CD/Double LP compilation, Lookout! USA 1997) 
"Through With You" plus a
 cover of Sicko's "FB Song" 
KAOS Theory: Live On Air In Olympia, WA
(CD compilation, Mayonaise/Cottleston Pie USA 1997) 
"Go Fish" 
"She's Like a Rainbow"
(Flexi-disc, Overcome Some Records USA 1997)
Hang Ten Vol. 1 
(10" compilation, Shredder USA 1996) 
A cover of The Beach Boys' "Surfer Girl" 

Team Mint
(CD sampler, Mint Records Canada 1996) 
"Pillow Queen", "Main & Broadway", "New York City", "Exit" and "Go Fish" 
Yo Yo A Go Go
(Double CD/Double LP compilation, Yo Yo Records, USA 1996) 
"Your Bed" 
Heide Sez
(CD sampler, Lookout! USA 1996) 
"Magic 8 Ball" 
Tribute To Hard Core Logo
(CD compilation, BMI Canada 1996).
cub 'cover' Hard Core Logo's 
"Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?" 
This was a tribute album to a fictitious Canadian band who were the subject of a book and movie by cub friend Michael Turner.
(Split CD EP/7", Mint/Lookout! Canada/USA 1996) 
"The Day I Said Goodbye" and "Exit" 
Here Comes The Summer: A Tribute to the Undertones
(CD compilation, Square Target USA 1996) 
A cover of The Undertones' "Here Comes The Summer" 
Pop American Style
(CD compilation, March Records USA 1996) 


Garden of Delights
(7" compilation, Garden of Delights UK 1995) 
"The Day We Met" 
Slice of Lemon
(Double CD/Double LP compilation, Lookout!/Kill Rock Stars USA 1995) 

"Green Eyes" 

Green Light Go!
(CD compilation, Bottle Cap USA 1995) 

A cover of "Maneaters"! 

This is 
the theme song for the movie She Devils On Wheels.
Lisa also sang it when she played bass in Nardwuar The Human Serviette's band The Evaporators.
For Paper Airplane Pilots
(7" compilation, Paper Cuts USA 1995) 
"Pillow Queen" 
Sing Hollies In Reverse
(CD compilation, Eggbert USA 1995) 

A cover of The Hollies' "You Know He Did" 

Ear of the Dragon: 19 Asian American Bands
(CD compilation, Fortune 5 USA 1995) 

"Secret Nothing"
The comp also features Seam, J Church, Versus, and David Pajo.  

Air Disk King
(Cassette compilation, Traumatone UK 1995)

The Sound Guy Is Deaf And Drunk: 16 Bands Recorded Live At John Henry's, Eugene, OR
(CD compilation, Soda Girl Records USA 1995) 
"Through My Hoop" 
Skookum Chief Powered Teenage Zit Rawk Angst, Vol. I
(CD/LP compilation, Nardwuar Canada 1995) 

A cover of The Ramones' "She's A Sensation" 

Shreds, Vol. II: American Underground
(CD compilation, Shredder USA 1994) 

"Your Bed" 

13 Soda Punx
(Cassette compilation, Top Drawer USA 1994) 

A cover of The Cars' "Best Friend's Girl". 

Also includes Huevos Rancheros, Young Fresh Fellows, Stand GT and The Smugglers.
Dare To Be Aware
(CD compilation, WOT Canada 1994) 
"The Day We Met" cub joins label-mates Pluto, kid champion and Coal on this benefit CD for BC Battered Women's Shelters.
Other tracks from 54-40, Daytona, Spirit Of The West, Art Bergmann and others.
All Kindsa Girls II
 (CD/Double-7"compilation, M√ľnster Spain 1994) 
"Your Bed" and a cover of the Velvet Underground's "I'm Sticking With You". 
Other contributors include Germany's Lemon Babies, California's Mini Skirt Mob and Scotland's Pink Cross.
(CD/LP compilation, Yo Yo Records USA 1994) 
"Flaming Red Bobsled" 
The third Pat Maley compilation. Timed to coincide with the '94 Yo Yo A Go Go.
Johnny Hanson Presents Puck Rock Vol. 1
(CD/LP/Cassette compilation, Wrong Canada 1994)
Joey Shithead teams up with cub to record a hockey song, 
"Pencil Neck Geek".
Puck Rock also included tracks from SNFU, Tankhog, Huevos Rancheros and The Smugglers.
(split 7", Top Drawer USA 1994) 
The bands' cover each other's tunes.
cub tackled "FB Song" with Robynn on lead vocals. 

Little Teddy Compilation
(7" compilation, Little Teddy Germany 1994?)
Rock for Choice Compilation
(Cassette compilation, Canada 1993) 

"It's True"

A compilation cassette benefit for the B.C. Coalition for Abortion Clinics and the Everywoman's Health Centre.
Also includes tracks from Sparkmarker, Ten Days Late and Pluto.
(CD/LP compilation, Yo Yo Records USA 1993) 

"Hello Kitty" 

Includes a photo of Robynn on the back cover and on the inner label. It was taken during the recording session with Pat Maley at his Yo Yo Studio which was located in the Capitol Theater, Olympia, WA.
A Sonic Map for the Uncharted Coast
(Cassette compilation, Coast 1040 Canada 1993) 
"Pretty Pictures" 
The Mint Is Still A Terrible Thing To Taste
(CD EP compilation, Mint Records Canada 1993)
Motorhead and Ministry covers by cub (
"Killed By Death"), Coal, Tankhog and Windwalker.