Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wanna play some cub covers?

This is an absolute long shot, friends, but I figured I'd throw it out there.

Some years ago, I got together with a coupla guys ... a drummer and keyboard player ... and we'd jam in the basement. And since we were not virtuoso musicians, we ended up playing a lot of cub songs.

I miss that.

So, I'm wondering -- is there anyone in the Halifax area who might be interested in getting together to jam on some cub tunes some time? Drop me a note.

I also enjoy Ween and They Might Be Giants if anyone'd like to give those a whack.

Robynn's book of artwork is out now!

Got a note from Robynn:

hi everyone -

yes, i know i'm dropping in on some of you from waaaay out of the blue.
hope this missive finds you well!

just wanted to let you know that my first book of artwork is finally done.

the details are here...


Wassat? Here you go:

a book of hand-drawn images by Robynn Iwata

35 images drawn freehand in archival ink and pencil
on bristol board, origami and kraft paper.

40 full colour pages.

clothbound hardcover with dustjacket $36.
perfectbound softcover $24.

published may 2010 by mesmer detector, ltd.