Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Brand new old goodies from cub!

I'm delighted to have just received a note from Robynn about some tracks and loot you might not have known about:

Perhaps you may have already heard that Canadian indie label Artoffact Records recently started releasing a series of CBC Radio Brave New Waves Sessions (sort of the equivalent of the BBC's John Peel Sessions) that has included The Rheostatics, Jazz Butcher, Grapes of Wrath, Severed Heads and Jale, to name a few. Well, lucky number 13 (ie. cat# AOF313) is the cub session. The official release date was May 18, 2018. We (Lisa, Neko and I) recorded it in Montreal on our first Canada/US tour in May 1993... almost 25 years to the day of this release.
I had the pleasure of designing and corraling various elements for the packaging and promotions, Nardwuar the Human Serviette contributed liner notes, Dustin did a heap of work with the premastering, and he and I created a brand new dub mix of Kevin Komoda's 1993 dance mix of "Go Fish".
Artoffact released the full meal deal --- coloured vinyl, black vinyl, cd and digital releases. Apparently, some of the other sessions have only been released digitally and on cd, so we're feelin' even more stoked. The coloured vinyl edition is extra special and unique in the series --- blobby black and pink two-tone, 45rpm, 10" grooves on 12" vinyl.
Happy to report that cub's music has been warmly greeted back onto the college radio station airwaves, breaking the weekly Top 10 at some of them, and charting on the National Campus Radio Top 50 in early June 2018 at #37 (in the company of brand new releases by our ol' pals Sloan, DOA and... Neko, no less! Now, that's not too shabby for a 25 year old in an age of new new NEW, eh?!
Check it out...
And then, cub's original homebase label Mint Records decided to do a promo sync-up and released our three albums on Bandcamp during the three weeks that led up to the BNW release date...

And now, friends, you know about it. Go get 'em!

Thank you, Robynn, for the tip.

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