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Old Cub press kit from Mint Records, circa 1995

I went digging into the Internet Wayback Machine and found a snapshot of my Cub fan site taken in December 1996. Today I'm posting some of the rarities I found there that may not already be up here at

Here are two scanned pages from a Mint Records press kit about Cub. I think they date to 1995 or 1996.

cub - new stuff about us we'd like you to know ...

cub is Lisa Marr (vocals, bass and sometimes guitar", Robynn Iwata (guitar, vocals and sometimes drums), and Lisa G. (drums, vocals and sometimes guitar).

cub was formed on May 15, 1992; our first show was at a house party on summer solstice night, June, 1992.

cub signed to Vancouver's marvelous Mint Records in August, 1992. We're labelmates with The Smugglers, Pluto, the Stand GT, Nerdy Girl and Lou Barlow!

We love vinyl! Our 7" catalogue includes pep (released October, 1992; six songs, yellow vinyl, produced by Jean Smith of Mecca Normal), hot dog day (released May, 1993; six songs and a poem; red vinyl) and volcano (released May, 1994; clear vinyl, two songs including a live version of Beat Happening's "Cast A Shadow," complete with some intense audience participation!).

Betti-Cola, our first CD and corresponding double-7" was released in October, 1993. Featuring cover art by Archie Comics daddy-o Dan De Carlo and a whopping 25 songs, the CD sold out its first pressing and spent several weeks at #1 on college radio charts across North America, three straight months at #1 on the National Chart, and hit #2 on the CMJ Import Chart.

January 15, 1995 (Young Adults' Day in Japan!) marked the release of the much-awaited Come Out, Come Out! our second CD and first ever triple-7" set. The combination of 113 brand new songs, groovy cover art by Toronto's Fiona Smyth, a high-spirited rendition of the Go-Go's "Vacation" and some juicy hidden surprises was perhaps the reason the first pressing flew out the door in only one week!

We've played over 200 all-ages, bar, and benefit shows with lots of great bands including Sebadoh, Sloan, Rancid, The Muffs, The Spinanes, Hole, NOFX, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, The Coctails, Lois, Yo La Tengo, Velocity Girl, Tsunami, Luna, Mecca Normal, DOA, Girl Trouble, Face to Face, Huevos Rancheros, Seaweed, The Hanson Brothers and The Smugglers, chucking free stickers, postcards and candy to audiences everywhere!

cub's video's for our song's "New York City," "Nicolas Bragg" and "Go Fish" were directed, filmed and edited by Joe Klotz, best known for his work with Sugar, Cell, Superchunk, Yo La Tengo and Juliana Hatfield. All these videos have received extensive airplay on Much Music (Canada's MTV); in fact, "Nicolas Bragg" was nominated as best Indie video of the year at the 1994 Much Music video awards! Our home-made video for "My Chinchilla" featured our friend Miles as Satan Himself! Look for the summer release of a brand new animated/life action video for "My Flaming Red Bobsled" directed by Glen Winter, the genius behind those wacky Smugglers videos!

cub has appeared on compilations from the US (Julep, Periscope, 13 Soda Punks, Ear of the Dragon), Spain (All Kindsa Girls, Volume II), England (on the Garden of Delights and Traumatone labels), Germany (Little Teddy compilation) and Canada (Johnny Hanson Presents..., Dare To Be Aware, Rock For Choice, Skookum Chief Powered Teenage Rawk Angst) and various 7" singles on labels all over North America.

In May 1993 we embarked on our first ever tour across Canada and Eastern U.S. with The Smugglers, Seaweed and The Hanson Brothers. We had so much fun we were on the road three times in 1994: a west coast tour with DOA and the Ne're-Do-Wells, a spring jaunt across Canada with Huevos Rancheros, the Leather Uppers and NFA, and a giant fall North American tour with Sebadoh, Sloan, Mary Lou Lord, The Muffs and many more wonderful bands! 1995 is off to a fabulous start with a big spring Canadian/Eastern-'n'-Northern US tour with Sebadoh, Jale, The Inbreds and Pluto (among others) followed up with a West Coast U.S.A. sprint in May as part of the Ear of the Dragon tour with Seam and a aMiniature. Whew!

Features on cub have appeared in Alternative Press, Option, Flipside, Chart, Fiz, Magnet, Discorder, the Georgia Straight and countless fanzines and newspapers all over the world. We were even mentioned in the Top Ten indie list of Rolling Stone! We've also played live and/or been interviewed on Much Music, The New Music, The Creators and the BCTV Newshour. Our music has been featured in several feature, documentary and student films.

The Cub Kids' Club, the official fan club, has over 200 members from all over Canada, the U.S., Europe and Japan.

In our spare time, we enjoy sleeping, disco dancing, riding bikes and writing postcards to all our neat-o penpals.

Send all letters, gossip, kisses and candy to cub c/o Mint Records, #699-810 West Broadway, Vancouver B.C., Canada, V5Z 4C9. For bookings, info. and just plain chit chat, phone us at (604)669-MINT. fax us at (604)669-6478 or e-mail us at

ooh la la, ooh ee cha cha. ooh la, cha cha cha!

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